Craft Workshop, 24th May 2013, 2-4.00pm

You will learn, with 3 simple products, how to turn boring canvases into
beautiful handmade, bespoke pieces of art work…….

Canvas craft

Workshop price: £10

Free for people who have experienced homelessness or long-term unemployed.

If you have experienced homelessness or are long-term unemployed (1+ year) you can access our Design Bank scheme. Design Bank uses the principles of regular banking, but with a twist – time is currency. When people sign up for workshops they learn the art of upcycling and build credits towards their time-bank account.  Time credits or cash can then be used to offset the price of items from the project.

Enrol now, space is very limited.
Please register your interest by coming into the shop or emailing, no later than 23rd May, to


We had a little visit from the folks at Project Dirt

First of all, it must be said, Project Dirt is a pretty wicked name for an eco-organisation!!
Right that aside, they do some pretty cool things to and this is what they say about themselves:

Project Dirt was set up by a couple of mates (Mark and Nick) to make green living easier and more understandable. We wanted to facilitate sustainable activity taking place and to make the learning more accessible. We also believed green living should be an upgrade, it should be fun – and it should be progressive. So, Project Dirt was started on its first test site in Clapham Junction in April 2008, with 1 project and 5 members. The Project Dirt community grew over the next few years through word of mouth alone to reach 5,000 members by early 2012. The site provides individuals, community groups, companies, organisations and the government (mainly local authorities) a platform to come together and work on tangible green projects.

So anyhoodles, now that we are considered an eco-charity *hear our collective eco-warrior hurrah* we were paid a visit by the lovely Friederike. We chatted about all things green…not really, I am a techno-idiot so she came out to walk me through their site and all its capabilities. Then shot a quick video of me and the shop. Warning, a seriously over-exposed Elisicia is not a pretty Elisicia:

If you are a Londoner and curious about green projects near you, I suggest signing up to their community, which you can do here:

Bringing Petit Miracles to the people

Our shop, located on the first floor, in our opinion, is the best shop eva! However, footfall is rather low at times. So, to bring some footfall upstairs we took our lovely furniture to the passersby on the ground floor. We met loads of people interested in our workshops and successfully managed to bring people upstairs to check out our shop. If at West12 you will see our shining, happy faces weekly now so keep your eye out, sometimes we have treats to share.

We’re open, open, open, open – A little excited to be open!!!

Thanks to everyone for your patience while renovations took place. We have been camping out at various locations in the West12 Shopping Centre. We will continue to have a presence in the Mama Biashara unit until early May however, please visit us in our main shop where most of our furniture pieces and workshop is located. Looking forward to seeing you soon and a couple of photos of the shop with more to come!

IMG_3229      IMG_3211

Something exciting is about to happen…..

Now, if I might say so myself, that looks pretty damn fab! This is the new shop, that we already moved into, had to vacate and are now moving back into….still with me? We expect to be open within the next 2 weeks. Just need to sort out our furniture suppliers and move our workshop back into the space. We will be sharing the space with Healthy Planet, Books for Free again so if you aren’t in the mood for super cool, bespoke upcycled furniture, than come in for a free book.

Collaborative Creation, so that’s what I have been doing for the last year!

It’s good to know that there are people out there, more eloquent than I, who are also trying to build a new way of doing business with a serious sense of collaboration. When I started Design Bank it was to create a space that was shared by the people who used the space with an integral and intrinsic pay-it-forward culture. The concept was that people would initially come to learn from me, then me learn from them, then the them would learn from each other (see what I mean about lacking eloquence) we all make cool stuff, sell it to support the project all whilst building our own mini neo-capitalist eco-system. This is a great article on just that, it describes the maker movement as more than just a community of people who like to knit. It describes, what I believe to be a seismic shift in people realising their skills and talents and realising their potential. I may be so bold to say that we are endeavoring to build a new currency based on those skills that distributes wealth amongst all those willing to participate.


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